"There are so many times in my life as an artist when I have no idea what to do next ...This book provides so many intriguing ways to move you forward and get you beyond that moment of creative panic. "

Laurie Anderson

"You don't so much read this book as experience it, feel it drawing you in, lifting you up, and shifting you quite concretely into a deeper connection to your personal strength and creativity. Prepare to be surprised by this book's power--and your own!"

Sarah Jones, Tony Award winning actress and playwright Broadway's, Bridge & Tunnel

"With this revolutionary book, Ranck and Nutter offer up a profound tool for anyone feeling stuck in life or art. It is impossible to open Ignite the Genius Within without experiencing a seismic shift in how you are thinking, feeling, and ultimately, creating. Grab headphones, flip to a page, and prepare to grow beyond where you even thought possible."

Emma McLaughlin, co-author The Nanny Diaries

“When you realize that you are the one writing the story behind the images in this book, you begin to see that you are the one writing the story of your whole life.”

Carlos Leon, actor, Broadway’s Three Penny Opera, and 2008 Monaco Film Festival Best Supporting Actor in an Independent Film, Tricks of a Woman


"Ignite The Genius Within triggers an amazing journey into the world of artistic creation."

Thomas Ryan, Broadway actor, Irena's Vow


Never one to be able to meditate, the most surprising thing happened to me when I sat down with this book and listened to the audio: I was actually able to quiet my mind enough to focus on one thing at a time. This book is quite a great experience.

Debra Jo Rupp, That ‘70s Show