We always get exactly what we want.

However, we are not aware of most of what we want. To make matters even more challenging, most of us are not even aware that we are unaware of wanting all kinds of things we aren’t conscious of. That is why there is so much disparity between what we think we want and what we actually get —why, for instance, we say we want more money but don’t make it; why we say we want wonderful relationships but don’t have them; why we claim we want to be happy but aren’t.

There are a lot of reasons for this convoluted and universal condition.

To begin with we have trained ourselves since childhood to believe that much of what happens in our lives happens to us. We then learned to make sense of the disparity between what we want and what we actually get by attributing it to the interference of some external force that is greater than us – an unfair world, an unfeeling universe, luck, God, biology, karma, the one that got away, you name it– and all we can do is react to it. Thus we unknowingly project our own power and our own hidden desires onto what we perceive as external forces that are outside of our ability to control them. The fact that so many of our life experiences feel completely out of our control only reinforces our chronic sense of powerlessness.

Though we can’t help but mastermind our lives, we do so in large part unconsciously, unaware that everything that seems to be happening “to us” is in fact the result of our own hidden desires.

Though our will is always at work determining what we experience, our lack of conscious connection to our hidden power renders us incapable of making our will work for us rather than against us.

That is where Ignite the Genius Within comes in.

Ignite the Genius Within is an instrument to help you learn that there is no power in your life other than your own. It does so by helping you discover for yourself the source of your experiences – both good and bad – within your own mind. As you discover this, you will begin to get the sense that you contain potentially limitless power over your own life.

Ignite the Genius Within accomplishes this through three mediums:

* Images of people, places and things that seem to be somewhere outside of you;
* A soundtrack (produced by Dr. David Grand) that puts you in a waking dream state which, like sleeping dreams do, frees you up to travel through space and time without having to physically move;
* And short, simple instructions that ask you to describe what is there in the image.

If you can describe what is there on the page then you can see for yourself that the source of your experiences is in your own mind. After all, no picture in the universe has feelings and thoughts, and no image ever has had a meaning or a story without a person to give it one.

Helping you learn to recognize yourself in the images will open the doors for you to learn how to recognize yourself in everything that happens in your life. And once you do that, you can change it.

Redefining creativity as the power each of us have to turn every moment of life into a beautiful piece of art, Ignite the Genius Within helps you transmute your experience of the world from one that keeps you from doing what you want to do, to one that is helping you out at every turn …because that is what you want it to do.

Think of Ignite the Genius Within as just one of those ways.