The first thing to know when it comes to Ignite the Genius Within is to not think of it as a book about anything for you to read and either believe or not believe.

Rather, think of it as a mirror that dramatically expands your knowledge of yourself. In doing so, you will become more aware of what you want, and more able to only want what will make you happy.

Below are four samples from the over 100 exercises in the book, and an abbreviated audio segment from the full soundtrack available here.

Here’s how to go about it:

Take note of any changes in your life.


If you weren’t guilty, how would you feel?

If you weren’t worried, what would you do?

If you trusted yourself, what possibilities would you see?

Go in and see where that takes you.



What are the odds of both dice coming up sixes?
Close your eyes, picture the dice in the air, and answer the question.

Decide how you want the dice to roll. Close your eyes and imagine throwing the dice.
Concentrate on seeing the dice roll like you want them to roll. Practice this until you get better at deciding which way they land.

The next time you find yourself at the mercy of “odds”, realize that you decide the outcome. Then, just as you practiced with the dice, imagine getting the outcome that you want in the specific situation you face. Notice what happens.



These pills will cure anything.

Close your eyes and take one.

What happens?


We live in a sliver of awareness on the horizon of all thought.
Above us is all knowledge of everything, below us is fear and ignorance.
There is just as much thought below in the dark nether regions of fear as there is above in the realm of light and knowledge.
We call this sliver of awareness of all thought “humanity”.
Yet like the thoughts that you are aware of,
both realms of thought are always at work producing what you experience.
What you’re doing here with this book, and here on Earth, is expanding your sliver of awareness to encompass more of both the dark and the light –
the ignorance and the knowledge -- and thus becoming more aware of what thoughts you have, and how they produce your existence.
As you bring the light of your awareness to the darkness, it dissolves and becomes light.
This is why you can bring light to darkness, such as when the darkness of a room dissipates with the flame of light from a candle, but you can not bring darkness to light.
So as you become aware of all thought, you become knowledge itself.